2016 Form 990 Due This Monday for Land Trusts Filing on Calendar Year

Most of my posts on this blog relate to issues that are primarily of concern to landowners seeking to conserve their land. However, I also represent a couple of land trusts (along with several other nonprofits having nothing to do with land conservation), and I know that many of my loyal readers are in the land trust community. Land trusts must qualify as 501(c)(3) organizations in order to receive donations of conservation easements. In order to maintain its 501(c)(3) status, a land trust must file certain annual paperwork with the IRS. And it is now that time of year. So, as a reminder to those of you in the land trust community:

Your annual Form 990 is due to the IRS this Monday, May 15. This assumes that your land trust is a calendar-year filer for tax purposes. If your land trust has a fiscal year that does not end in December, you will have a different due date. If you are not sure whether your land trust has filed its 2016 Form 990 yet, you can check its filing status using the IRS’s Exempt Organizations Select Check tool.

For more information, you might wish to read the article that Forbes published yesterday on the Form 990 filing requirements.

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Derrick P. Fellows

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